The earthworm fauna of India is well reported as compared to other Asian Countries. The most diverse families of earthworm species in India are Megascolecidae comprises 157 species (123 native) of 15 genera; Octochaetidae with 133 species (132 native) of 29 genera and Moniligastridae with 86 species (all native) of 3 genera. Especially diverse earthworm genera of India belongs to Moniligastridae Drawida (71 species); the Megascolecidae Perionyx (56 species) and Megascolex (33 species); the Acanthodrilidae Argilophilus (23 species); the Octochaetidae Eutyphoeus (26 species), Hoplochaetella (19 species) and Octochaetona (15 species).

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