Dendrobaena Eisen, 1874

  • Male pores at the bottom of equatorial clefts at or bear mbc. Male tumescences large protuberant confined to xv and bc but often slightly dislocating xiv/xv and xv/xvi.
  • Female pores at xiv just lateral to b.
  • First dorsal pore iv/v-vi/vii.
  • Clitellum saddle-shaped occupying v-vi segments.
  • Gizzard in xvii.
  • Holandric
  • Seminal vesicles three pairs in ix, xi, xii.
  • Tubercula pubertatis longitudinal bands of translucence slightly depressed just lateral to b in xxxi-xxxiii.
  • Spermathecal pores in cd.
  • Calciferous sacs in x.
  • Heart in vii-xi.
  • Colour dark red to slate.
  • Size 20-60 mm.
  • Two species recorded in India viz.,

Sl No Species Type locality Nature
1. hortensis Hamburg, Germany Exotic
2. octaedra Paris, France Exotic