Eisenia Gates,1968

  • Lumbricine, closely paired.
  • Distinctive striped appearance because of alternating segmental bands of red and yellow colour along entire length of the body.
  •  Male pore on segment xv.
  • Prostomium epilobic.
  • Clitellum covering from segment xxvi to segment xxxii.
  • Tubercula pubertatis on segment xxviii-xxx.
  • Spermathecal pore 2 pairs, close to together on upper side, in intersegment furrow  ix/x and x/xi.
  • First dorsal pore in furrow between segments iv and v
  • Two species* recorded in India viz.,

Sl No Species Type locality Nature
1 andrei Not known Exotic
2 fetida Paris, France Exotic

*Both species resembles very closely except andrei is uniformly reddish in colour with each segment slightly defied by a yellow band.