Octolasion (Oerley, 1885)

  • Prostomium epilobic.
  • Male pores with large glandular area which encroach xiv and xvi.
  • Female pore just lateral to b at eq/xiv.
  • Lumbricine and behind Clitellum not closely paired.
  • Tubercula pubertatis fused to form wall.
  • Spermathecal pore two pairs in ix/x or x/xi in region of cd.
  • Gizzard mostly in xvii occupying more than one segment.
  • Testis and funnels usually enclosed in two pairs of testis sacs.
  • Four pairs seminal vesicles in ix-xii.
  • Two species recorded in India viz.,

Sl No Species Type locality Nature
1 cyaneum Paris, France Exotic
2 tyrtaeum Paris, France Exotic