Male Pore

  • The position of the male pores varies in different families.
  • In Lumbricidae male pores are located latero-ventrally on xv or occasionally on xiii segment.
  • In case of Megascolecidae the male pores are associated with one or two pairs of prostatic penes on xviii segment (except Tonoscolex and Nelloscolex on xvii) While in Perionyx male pore are on segment xviii close to middle line, in small pits with several setae.
  • In Eudrilidae male pore minute, paired, at tips of penes, retractable into copulatory chambers, apertures of copulatory chambers large transverse slits in segment xvii, just in front of intersegment furrow xvii/xviii.
  • In Octochaetidae male pore discharge into paired, deep, well-like vestibula opening on the surface through slit-like aperture at b, penes elongated, tubular.
  • In Moniligasteridae male pores are paired, raised oval areas, at tips of small projections(papillae) on intersegmental furrow x/xi.


Fig: View of male pores in: A. Lumbricidae (Eisenia); B. Megascolicidae (Metaphire); C. Megascolicidae (Perionyx); D. Moniligasteridae (Dwawida); E. Eudrilidae (Eudrilus); F. Octochaetidae (Euthyphoeus)